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Know someone who needs Landing Point’s help? Whether they need assistance finding a job or want career advice, Landing Point can be a trusted resource. Introduce us and you can earn up to $1,000 for yourself or your favorite charity.

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  • Referral must be a direct introduction via email or website. Landing Point must be able to reference your introduction when speaking to the referred candidate. Anonymous referrals do not qualify.
  • Referred candidate must be someone who has not been part of Landing Point’s pre-existing network. For confidentiality purposes, Landing Point shall inform only the original referral source upon the successful placement of the referred candidate by Landing Point.
  • Referred candidate must be successfully placed within 1-year of introduction and must remain in their new position throughout any contractual guarantee period.
  • Please indicate if you would like your referral to be partnered with a specific Landing Point recruiter in the box marked “Landing Point Contact”.
  • Referral program applies to all referral introductions made on or after May 1st 2019.