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6 Health Hacks to Keep you on Track at Work

Work can be invigorating and draining all at the same time. How can you stay level headed and also get ahead? Create a wellness routine that’s right for you and you will not only look and feel better, but you will perform better too.

Wellness is all relative. It’s all about making a positive change specifically for you. If you are someone who has never stepped foot in a gym then start with a 10-minute walk or meditation. If you are a gym rat slogging hours at the gym, maybe it’s time for a healthy change of taking it down a notch to enjoy more sleep or to get your appetite in check.

There is no one right way to do healthy and healthy doesn’t always mean boring and not fun. As a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Recruiter, I’m talking to people all day about the careers, the long hours, and sometimes sheer boredom in their jobs. I get a lot of questions personally and professionally on how to stay healthy/feel good when working super hard, so I’ve compiled a list of common questions and my recommendations to feel your best at work. Keep in mind it’s important to listen to your body, set realistic goals, and celebrate your progress.

I’m working crazy hours, there is no time for exercise, how can I fit it in?

  • I recommend finding 10 minutes before you go to work or when you get home and do a high-intensity interval training routine (HIIT) to get the biggest bang for your buck – it may be dreadful at first but you can do anything for 10 minutes and everyone has time for a 10-minute workout. Replace your social media scrolling with some heart-pumping music and moves. Check out the Aaptiv app for some quick routines, and if you are able to build up to more they have tons of workouts!

Sleep or workout?

  • This is a gray area – exercise is so important but when you only get a 5-6 hour window to sleep because work is crazy, you should go for the extra zzz’s. However, if you wake up energized, it doesn’t hurt to get up and workout since exercise helps with sleep and will help clear your mind.

I’m always hungry at work, what gives?

  • Boredom can come in the form of hunger, so make sure to differentiate hunger and boredom at work – if you are bored at work that’s another issue.

Eat the salad or splurge and go for the pizza?

  • This depends. You have to find your balance – it’s no doubt that if you build a nutrient-packed salad with protein, veggies, and healthy fats (avocado, olive oil, etc.) you will likely feel good and perform at your best since that is the optimal combination of food groups per meal. However, you can’t always do what you’re “supposed” to. Sometimes you have to do what you want, and having that slice of pizza one day out of the week won’t ruin you – in fact, it will likely keep you on track to maintaining healthy habits all around.

It’s impossible to lose or maintain my weight at work with all of the snacks laying around and there is always a birthday, HELP!

  • The snacks will always be there and there will always be a celebration – it’s ok to have them, be intentional about it. If you’re hungry have a snack – if there aren’t any healthy snacks available, bring your own stash. If there is a birthday celebration, enjoy some cake (but maybe not eat the whole thing)! There are ways to enjoy the foods you love and crave without gaining weight – it’s all about portion sizes and balance. When it comes to office snacks either realize you are eating them because you’re hungry or if you have just gotten into a nasty habit. For example, if you are finding yourself digging into a bag of chips at 11:30am, it may be that you are not eating a big enough breakfast. If you would rather have smaller meals throughout the day, split your breakfast into two meals such as a few hard-boiled eggs and then a yogurt or almonds. The 11:30am chip habit may also be just that – a habit. Challenge yourself to a week of not eating a bag of chips and see if it actually affects your hunger or if you were really eating them out of habit.

I hear sitting is the new smoking but I have a desk job, what can I do to stay healthy?

  • Make sure to take breaks throughout the day to stand up and walk around. Ideally, get outside and get fresh air – it will do wonders for your productivity. While you may think just blasting through emails for hours at your desk is productive, after a while it’s likely that you will lose focus. Take a 5-10 minute break and walk around outside, sans screen time – you will come back refreshed and your mind and body. If you can’t get out because you’re on the phone, stand up and walk around.

The Point: Healthy is all relative and it’s all about finding what works best for you. If you have been feeling sluggish, try a quick 10-minute workout before work, or if you have been lacking in focus, step away for a few minutes and refresh. If you are bored or burnt out, maybe it’s time for a look to see what’s out there. If so, email me at [email protected] and we can discuss or check out our website for our current openings with our clients!




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