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Attracting Top HR And Recruiting Talent in 2022

2021 has been an extraordinary year for Recruiting and HR professionals, one of excitement to be leading the charge of the future of work while also one of burnout given the “Great Resignation,” and all that needs to be considered as our world of work evolves. I’ve specialized in recruiting for HR/Recruiting professionals over almost 10 years, I’ve spoken with hundreds of hiring managers across well established and startup companies within the finance, tech, and creative industries as well as talent both passive and active, and here is what you should know is happening and important to attract top talent and turn the “Great Attrition” into the “Great Attraction”:

Flexibility to work from anywhere, is everything! People are willing to trade money for time, know what’s important to the talent you are trying to attract

To get top talent on board, flexibility is everything and can be a deal breaker for whether someone wants to interview for a specific role. I’ve seen various clients of mine start searches mandating employees come in at least 3 days per week to the office for Talent Acquisition professionals. As the search went on, it was evident the pool of candidates was not at the quality they were hoping for and switched to offering these roles to be remote, which of course widened the pool greatly.

Companies are rolling out the red carpet and offering incredible retention incentives, be prepared to compete

We’ve seen various candidates get to final round interviews and then get offered incredible incentives to stay at their current firm. Companies are doing whatever they can to retain their best people by providing flexibility to work from anywhere, higher compensation, and additional headcount/resources. This is something to keep in mind as you are interviewing candidates – it’s important to understand their motives for speaking in the first place to ensure you can deliver on those hot buttons.

Recruiters and HR people are burnt out, be proactive in providing the support they need as their roles have been elevated and the work is ever-changing

My team and I at Landing Point have been flooded with recruiting/HR jobs this year, which has been exciting to see, especially after a year like 2020. We have spoken to incredible talent in the space and it’s no surprise that internal recruiting and HR talent are burnt out. Recruiters need to bring their A-game to attract the best talent while hiring more than ever before. HR professionals are tasked with keeping a pulse on their employees and figuring out the best policies going forward for their orgs, which is constantly changing and can be highly stressful: COVID office policiesDEI programming, and ensuring work fits into people’s lives versus the reverse are all areas of focus. These folks are looking for support whether that’s additional headcount, mental health resources, advanced technical resources, etc. The People function officially has a seat at the table now, it’s no longer a nice to have, but a must.

Recruiting and HR hiring needs aren’t slowing down – the Landing Point team is here to help you land the best-matched People talent for your organization and provide guidance every step of the way. Reach out to me at [email protected].

To a Happy and HEALTHY 2022!

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