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Hiring? The Top 5 Priorities for Quality Talent Right Now

The COVID pandemic has affected everyone in some way and it is provided an opportunity for us all to be confronted with every emotion and reflect on what’s important to us.

The Landing Point team has been speaking to top talent across various professions and we are noticing a theme when it comes to priorities when evaluating a new opportunity. For those of you looking to hire quality talent here is what people are looking for right now:

  1. Stability – This does not come as a surprise but to grab the interest of intelligent talent, companies need to demonstrate long term stability of the company. People have always cared about this, but now more than ever it is critical to show the loyalty your employees have had throughout this pandemic demonstrating clear confidence your current employees have in the business. High risk/high reward opportunities have become less desirable; however, if you can showcase the company’s plan of action or favorable numbers it certainly helps. There are still those out there who also love a challenge and can take on more risk with a lesser-known or new firm.
  2. The flexibility to continue to work from home part-time or full time – We are hearing this across the board from accounting to HR professionals. An overwhelming majority of people we have been speaking with have enjoyed WFH and do not want to give it up completely – to attract quality talent be prepared to address your WFH policy. If you are a company that does not plan to offer this once COVID is over be sure to be open and honest about why that is the case.
  3. Evident commitment to the health (mental and physical) and safety of employees – Top professionals want to know there are efforts being made to take care of its employees. Whether that be an evolving back to the office plan, resources for mental and physical health, and an overall sense that a company has a task force in place to ensure they will be safe in their new environment is paramount. When we discuss new opportunities with job seekers we are consistently getting questions around the health and safety plans – while there is no one right answer, it’s important to address the work you are doing around this now and beyond COVID.
  4. Family-friendly culture – For working parents who have had to balance childcare and work (myself and many of my Landing Point colleagues included) it has become a huge priority to work for a company that respects the current impossible situation and provides the appropriate flexibility. And not just during a pandemic. Working parents must deal with unexpected circumstances, for example, if a child gets sick – there may be a need to step out of work for a half a day. People have been grounded by this experience and realize that the health and safety of their loved ones are really all that matters and joining a company where they can feel free to be able to do quality work while also taking care of their families is important.
  5. Higher guaranteed pay – While bonuses are always welcomed, job seekers feel much more comfortable with a higher guaranteed base salary with the potential for less of a bonus versus having a higher potential for bonus and a lower base salary. This doesn’t come as a surprise, however, those who were more willing to bet on themselves/the company are feeling the need to prioritize guaranteed money instead of a higher potential upside since there is so much uncertainty in the world right now.

The Point:  COVID has been a wake-up call for many professionals and priorities have shifted toward more stability, comfort, and reassurance. To attract top talent, be sure to address these points head-on.



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