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Landing Point Turns 5 – Virtual Cheers!

Five years ago today, Landing Point began as four friends in an office barely bigger than most closets. There were no fancy business cards, no conference rooms, no copy machine…you get the point. But what we did have were shared ideas and principles about how an executive search firm could help make a greater impact on the lives and careers of both our candidates and clients alike. We also had a distinct plan – start small, establish our brand and help people. Admittedly it was a simple plan and nothing that would be the subject of a business school case study, but it reflected our most basic principle: Treat people how you’d want to be treated and good things will follow.

This five-year journey has been the ride of a lifetime; it’s been fun, exciting, rewarding, challenging, confusing, educational and flat-out hard sometimes. We’ve watched our team grow from 3 to 26 and we are thankful to each of them for the hard work they’ve put in to help make Landing Point what it is today. We’ve seen our capabilities evolve from our roots as an Accounting & Finance focused firm to a multi-discipline firm now also specializing in Corporate Services, Trade Operations, Investor Relations, Marketing and Digital Media/Emerging Technologies.

We’ve been honored to have our clients put their faith and trust in us to help them build and optimize their teams. We recognize that they all have choices and alternatives in the market, so we pledge to continue to earn that faith and trust every day. Likewise, we’ve had the pleasure of helping thousands of people navigate their career paths and have built real relationships and friendships with many of them along the way. We thank them as well because, without them, we simply couldn’t serve our clients in the way we do.

Two months ago, we envisioned our 5-year Anniversary as a party with friends, drinks, great food, etc. But like everyone else, we’ve seen those plans changed by the global pandemic. While that time for celebration has been replaced by a time for reflection, it has only proven to highlight how much of our success has been due to all of you. For that reason, today we raise our glasses to each of you (from home of course) and say a heartfelt thank you to our colleagues, our clients, our candidates, our friends, and our families. You are the reason we are here, and we will be forever grateful.



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