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We Are Here For You – A Note From the Landing Point Co-Founders

For most of us, the last two weeks have been chaotic, dizzying and surreal. The Covid-19 crisis went from zero to one hundred seemingly overnight and ever since the news has been changing rapidly. Our lives have evolved from be smart and wash your hands to social distancing to the recent shelter-in-place orders. With those changes, the professional lives of tens of millions of people have been flipped upside down with most forced to work from home and others forced out of work entirely. And with no end in sight, almost all of us have found a new normal full of uncertainty and worry.

While we can’t tell you when this new normal will end, we can assure you that it will, and we can help you be ready when it does. Most of us are not in our offices, we’re not able to hit our morning coffee spots and some of us are even trying to homeschool first-graders while we do our day jobs, but one thing is for certain: your career is still your career and you should be thinking about how to manage it even though that seems hard right now.

Once the crisis ends some may be lucky enough to go back to business as usual, but many people will find that their professional circumstances have changed. Some may find their employer is not as stable as before the crisis, others may find that expected pay structures have changed and others will find that there may not be a job for them to go back to. And the reality is no one knows where they may land on that spectrum right now.

It’s important for everyone to be prepared for whatever circumstances they will face. Now is the time to update your resume, check-in with industry contacts and keep your career plans and goals in sight. Please know that you are not alone during this harrowing time, the Landing Point team of career experts are here for you, whether you’re in need of a new job, career advice, resume help, or even just a listening ear. We will navigate these uncharted waters together and help you keep your career on track throughout. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] because the steps you take today will help you be better prepared for our uncertain tomorrow.

Wishing everyone good health!


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